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Why emailing your customers is important

When Jim Koch started Samuel Adams Brewing Company in the 1980s, everyone said he was crazy. Today, he is a billionaire who speaks about the importance of communicating with customers in ways that other businesses are failing. “It was a long, slow process for the education of a consumer,” Koch says. “Beer...

How Plumbing Business Software Works

Richard Kirby succinctly names the three biggest challenges for a small business: people, finances, and time. A good business software solution tracks the performance of each plumber while helping to address their shortcomings. Second, financial reporting, billing and payroll features are central to any business operation. Last (but certainly not least) is...

Janitorial Business Software For You

Many of today’s most successfully businessmen got their start in the janitorial business, including Stewart Resnick, famous for building a successful cleaning business from scratch after his father won a floor scrubber in a raffle. Running a cleaning business was tough, labor-intensive work, he often said, and it taught him how to...

About carpet cleaning business software

What’s the biggest mistake a growing carpet cleaning business can make? In a nutshell, investing too much in vans, offices and employees rather than organically growing the business operations with customer service in mind. After all, it’s the carpet cleaning business software that optimizes all that equipment and manpower while reigning in...

Mapping Functionality for Business Software

When mapping, geo-tagging and route optimization features are included in the business software your service business relies on, everyone will know you’ve got your best foot forward. It’s amazing a singular piece of software technology can go so far in demonstrating organization and accountability to both employees and your clients – you’d...

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