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Why Basecamp for website management is all you need

Top of book believes Basecamp for website management is all you need, but we are more focused on hard work and staying productive. Becoming the most popular blog in a market, for instance, is more important than good project management. Many of the articles, videos, and blog posts are focused around subjects...

Concord tops list of weird places in North Carolina

Concord is one of those weird places in North Carolina where the fury and chaos unfolds every day. Here’s the top 5 weird things about it, or at least the top things that we’ve found caught on camera. There’s a lot of great things about the town, too, including our favorite band...

Firings at North Carolina finance companies is good for CFPs

Bank America is firing employees big-time in 2016. They want to automate the way financial investing is done, moving investors to mobile applications. Mobile investment options and other automated technology are the real reason banks are making cutbacks in North Carolina. North Carolina finance companies are increasingly automating the way investing is...

Air conditioning repair software for scheduling

The thermostat is set to sixty and there’s a turkey in the oven – all the guests are sweating. When your HVAC maintenance business has a sophisticated scheduling management software system, these jobs are accomplished easily and efficiently. While some businesses slow down in the summer, air conditioning repair is in high...

An app to track employee time and location

The great thing about bringing maps to mobile devices is that men no longer feel afraid to ask for directions. On the other hand, there’s a generation of workers afraid to use their mobile devices for fear that management will discover they’re out playing golf on the golf course! It’s a changed...

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